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Mar 5, 2014 7:00am PST
safety issues these to educate drivers. let's just say is your tax dollars at work. >> for example, the driver of this truck was holding his cell phone while he was driving. this is in violation. >> so this officer will have a chat with him. he was one of many looking for distracted drivers 3 >> the sure phone have a desk- >> the driver stated, this is a truck that i never dry. my car has chance for a, i just happen to be picking up something. >> if so, the first time he was not driving handsfree, he got caught. >> it is not always about giving out ticket but about educating the driver. >> this is not want to be any of that. they would know that you have been stopped before for been on your cell phone. >> this person was also quoted as cell phone. when officer approached, she said she was not driving. >> the you know you are operating at card use and is wrong? >> listen what she says when i talk tour. >> how're you today? >> fine. how're you. >> d. no i am. >> you are the behaving badly guy. >> why am i here? >> because i was caught the had been badly. >> he could not resist search
Mar 3, 2014 7:00am PST
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Mar 4, 2014 7:00am PST
let's make some blank tax and see if people fell in the blank and put their wishes of they did. and now you can see all kinds of voices from everything like to eat in a true happiness. a series wants to abolish out on the lottery. --i wish i won the lottery. here's a live look outside. we have our roof camera looking back over san francisco. the sun is up. we're keeping our eye on the weather this morning. if you scattered showers of their earlier prove an update on the forecast. plus suspected terrorists arrested in china. with new crimes they're there [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ secretary of state john kerry in the ukraine today to try and ease tensions between that country and russia. what you can expect this
Feb 27, 2014 7:00am PST
monitor them more closely. it saves a lot of jobs and jobs pripet taxes and then it creates spending in the economy. a again, it would be different. >> let's talk about tesla and their shares and doubling. they have an impressive nils about a factory that they want to open. >> they are molding more down a string, they want to have a manufacturer of items to their car. some analysts do not like this. they want to make this more main stream by 2017. they expect me in you to be able to afford their car. what is interesting is that will cost a lot of money to build it. most analysts are stating that if they have a more tightly over their competition that this is a great thing. they stated that the growth of is a business--one analyst murrell lynch stated that that will sell cars at a loss to keep them at bay. >> retailers are not doing so well. >> the one thing that got me about the retail numbers that we saw was from best to buy and sears. recently, it was a j.c. penney's. some of their stocks are going up because the cut costs. there is a disconnect between stocks and the business. bes
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4